A Non Profit 501 (c) (3) Public Charity Organization 

2016 Year in Review

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Recent Projects

Typhoon Haiyan Relief
Raised funds to send supplies to help those who were affected by Typhoon Haiyan in Tacloban City, Philippines..

BackPack & School supplies
We donated over 1500 back packs loaded with school supplies and food to 6 poor communities across the Philippines.

Scholarship for local children
A fundraising event for the Sanlahi Scholarship fund to financially assist well deserving young students starting college here in the US and in the Philippines

Adopt a Road/Beach Program

We clean up a very busy section of Lake Washington Road between Wickham Rd and Turtlemound Rd, and Paradise Beach..  

Cultural awareness in the community
We have a very talented Dance Troupe that provide various philippine traditional dances, to promote the Filipino Culture..

Sanlahi, Inc. was founded in 2009


President: Joy Turingan

Vice President: Shirley Bonfacio 
Secretary: Etienne Grason

Treasurer: Noel Timonera

Public Affairs Officer: Sally Young

Board of Trustees

   Brian Danielle

   Tom Taft

   Sonny Montoya

   Allan Spears   

   Past President:  Brad Bonifacio

Email:  info@sanlahi.org


Sanlahi Inc. is a Non- Profit 501 (c) (3) Public Charity Organization headquartered in Melbourne, FL...


It is our mission to engage in and support charitable , educational, and humanitarian causes.; to promote close cultural, social, and economical ties between Filipinos and Americans; to preserve and promote Filipino and American culture through dances, games, and handicrafts; to actively participate in community activities both civic and religious in Brevard county and beyond.

We have many events throughout the year to raise funds for various causes here locally and abroad in the Philippines.  We also do beach clean up at Paradise Beach in Satellite Beach in Brevard County, FL. and street clean up on Lake Washington Rd between Wickham Rd and Turtle mound Rd. in Melbourne Fl. 

No persons in our organization gets paid at all. Our organization is 100% volunteers,

What We’re Doing